From our Ceo

It doesn’t get more serious than life and death.

We live in a world where there has never been more of an emphasis on workplace safety. We know that sometimes it seems like common sense has gone out the window. There are signs everywhere that feel like they state the obvious and a new rule every week about what you can and can’t do. 

But, as a provider in world-class training, safety and emergency courses, it is important to sometimes remind ourselves why we do what we do.

Meeting government regulations, reducing liability, and satisfying internal procedures are all important. But, primarily, we exist to return people home from work safely.

When I worked as a critical care paramedic in South Africa, I saw firsthand the impact that safety training had on rates of survival. At the scene of an accident, the victims had a better chance of survival when the very first person on the scene had some qualifications. No one can be everywhere at once, so training people to a high standard and increasing the level of education among the wider population is the next best thing.

In emergency situations, you get that one opportunity. Ensuring staff are trained at a world-class level gives everyone the best possible outcome. It is not just best practice. It is the right thing to do as a human being.

So welcome. Please have a look around the site to see what areas we can help with. We look forward to continuing to work with you to ensure that you and all your workers return home from work safely.

Stewart Masson, CEO

Our Team

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Stewart Masson

Chief Executive Officer

Richard Kaminski

TECHNICAL Director National Operations

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Raj Shah

Finance Manager

amanda mclaren

Manager Training Services


Lee-Anne Murray

Manager Medical Services


Graham Challen

Manager High Risk & INDUSTRIAL Services


John Immink

Industrial Specialist

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Angelique Slater

Manager People & Culture


Justyna Kortas

Quality & Compliance Administrator


Annamarie hews

quality, compliance RTO & Doc Controller

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Michelle Kinsey

Accounts Officer