Medical Training

Provide CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)

Provide First Aid

Provide Advanced First Aid

Manage Injuries at Emergency Incident

Certificate II in Medical Service First Response

Certificate IV in Health Care

Diploma of Paramedical Science

Incident Command Training

Communicate in the Workplace

Process Emergency Incident Calls and Enquiries

Coordinate Incident Response

Manage Incident Response

Respond to Local Emergencies and Incidents

First Response Training

Manual Handling

Hydrocarbon Spill Response

First Attack Firefighting (Fire Extinguisher)

Fire Warden

General Occupancy

Fire Suppression Systems

Certificate II in Fire Protection Inspection and Testing

Industrial Training

Issue Work Permits

Confined Space Entry

Gas Testing

Work Safely at Heights

Work Safely at Heights in the Construction Industry

Height Safety Equipment Inspector

Operate Breathing Apparatus

General Safety Training

Maintain and Monitor Site Quality Standards

Local Risk Management

Emergency Response Training 

Urban Search and Rescue

Prepare, Maintain and Test Response Equipment

Land Search and Rescue

Operate Breathing Apparatus (Open Circuit)


Conduct Fire Team Operations

Respond to Urban Fire

Operate Pumps

Respond to Wildfire

Vertical Rescue

Confined Space Rescue

Road Crash Rescue