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Breathing Apparatus Open Circuit




Two (2) Days

course overview

This course provides participants with the skills and knowledge to operate and maintain breathing apparatus equipment in an irrespirable atmosphere. This course is designed for workers who are required to work as members of a site-based Emergency Response Team with emergency response equipment and is conducted in accordance with AS/NZS 1715 Selection, use and maintenance of respirator protective equipment.

Participants will be required to wear a face mask/piece, back plate harness and a full set of level 2 firefighting kit with a structural firefighting helmet weighting approx. 25kgs. This equipment will be worn for periods of time up to 25 minutes in dark, smoke-filled confined spaces, whilst carrying out search and rescue drills. This course is quite physical, participants must have a decent level of fitness to partake in the course.

learning outcomes

The course covers the following:
• Selection, use and maintenance of breathing apparatus equipment including pre-donning checks and tests
• Breathing apparatus control procedures
• Ancillary equipment requirements
• Identifying, detecting and controlling hazards
• Communication procedures and team operations
• Entrapment procedures
• Moving in smoke and darkness
• Safe operations
• Cleaning and maintenance of breathing apparatus equipment


Participants must:
• Be clean shaven to ensure facial seal of respirators as per AS/NZS 1715
• Provide photo I.D on entry
• Unless exempt, provide a verifiable USI number
• Be physically fit and healthy with capacity to perform manual tasks
• Be able to read, write, communicate orally, and understand and interpret complex information and situations
• Interact with others and work under pressure
• Dress appropriately i.e., long sleeve, long pants or overalls, safety boots/closed in shoes, safety glasses

Please ensure you read our Student Handbook for further information on our policies, procedures, terms, and program conditions.

If you are unsure if you require learning support, SDS can provide access to a LLN assessment that identifies if any learning support is needed. Please ensure you inform the training team on registration, if you fail to inform the training team at registration, learning support may not be available on the day of training.

delivery method

This course is delivered over two (2) days and consists of classroom-based theory learning with practical based activities.


Participants must successfully complete PUAFIR210 Prevent injury, prior to undertaking this course. This has been included and will be assessed on the first day of this course.


$700.00 (No GST applicable). Prices subject to change.


Assessment includes written and/or multiple-choice knowledge assessment and practical based skills assessments.


On successful completion participants will receive a nationally recognised statement of attainment for:
• PUAFIR207 Operate breathing apparatus open circuit
• PUAFIR210 Prevent injury

skills maintenance

To ensure your skills and knowledge are maintained it is critical you undertake regular skills maintenance training. Where there is no licence or legislated expiry the industry standard for skills maintenance is every two (2) years.

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