emergency response personnel

Are you under pressure to improve the bottom line? Hiring fewer staff, and putting on cheaper, less qualified people can seem like an easy way to do just that. 

But first, count the cost of not having the best emergency response team at your disposal in a crisis. 

Over the years, we have seen the regrettable consequences when a reckless mentality in industry arises. When incidents happen, everyone replays potential scenarios in their minds and asks themselves, "what could we have done differently as a company? What could I have done differently personally? What do we need to change to have a different outcome?"

We have a responsibility to provide a valuable service and recommend that if you DO need emergency personnel, you might as well have the best. 

SDS provides qualified and experienced personnel to deliver rescue and medical services in a variety of locations and industries throughout Australia. All of our emergency response personnel’s knowledge and skills are rigorously tested via extensive written and practical assessment. Once accepted, they are enrolled in our Continuous Professional Development Program. We ensure that our people have extensive experience and our team offer a range of competencies, including resuscitation, emergency management and fire and rescue skills.  We don’t compromise on our commitment to delivering quality. We truly believe our people are the best of the best. 

We have qualified personnel ready to go if you need:

  • Shutdown Emergency Response Crews

  • Emergency Management Officers

  • Emergency Service Officers

  • Rescue Technicians

  • Medical Personnel

  • Safety Officers

The SDS Points of Difference:

  • A point of contact to the Medical Services Coordinator available 24/7

  • 24/7 contact to doctor if required

  • Weekly reports

  • Personnel are enrolled in our Continuous Professional Development Program

Remember, the best equipment in the world is useless if you don’t know how to use it.

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