First Aid Management of a Diabetic Emergency

In November 2017 the Australian and New Zealand Committee on Resuscitation (ANZCOR) issued a revised guideline (ANZCOR Guideline 9.2.9) on First aid management of a diabetic emergency.

The guideline applies to adult and child victims and is for bystanders, first aiders and first aid providers.

ANZCOR has made the following recommendations:

  • When available, and trained to do so, use a blood glucometer to check the victim’s blood glucose level.
  • When available, glucose tablets are preferred over other sugars for the first aid management of suspected hypoglycaemia in conscious victims.
  • When available, and trained to do so, use GlucaGen ® HypoKit ® glucagon injection to manage suspected hypoglycaemia in an unconscious or seizing victim.

If unsure of the blood glucose, manage the victim as having suspected hypoglycaemia.

They say we've changed...Yes, we have.

They say we've changed...Yes, we have.

It was a while ago now that two fire fighters with a passion for workplace safety started Safety Direct Solutions (SDS).

After twelve years of solid service the original SDS branding was due for an update to reflect the exciting new direction SDS is taking.

Our new logo, in the form of the stag and shield, better reflects the foundational attributes on which we have built SDS. 

The form of the stag head symbolises strength, wisdom, protection, leadership and integrity.

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