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Bringing people home safelY

To effectively manage critical risk situations you need to understand the tasks at hand and the associated risks involved. The critical-risk management team pride ourselves in our ability to consult with clients to develop and facilitate personalised safety/critical risk management, emergency response and rescue policies, plans and procedures. SDS has built our Critical Risk Services with a focus on Ex Military, Emergency services and employees with industry backgrounds that hold trade, engineering and safety qualifications. Thus enabling us to contextualise and communicate with our clients.

  • Critical Risk Management Team

  • Site Access Controller’s

  • Isolations Officers

  • Permit Officers

  • Gas Testers

  • Confined Space Sentries

  • Rescue Personnel

  • Fire Fighting Capabilities

  • Medical Personnel

  • Safety Officers

  • Consulting Services

  • Shutdown Support

Finalists for the WA Defence award for excellence in defence industry (SME)

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